“all I wanna see you in is skin”

Welcome to the bad bitch gallery, you made it this far!

I hope your fucking jaw drops to the floor and you can get excited about this potentially being YOU.

feat. baddies

— C

"Stefanee makes sure you have nothing but a first class experience from inquiry to when you get your final images… She is a true artist! I cannot recommend her enough. Stefanee makes sure that your boudoir shoot is so much more than just the final images - it was incredibly empowering”


— H

"There’s not enough nice things I couldn’t even say about her! She was fantastic! She made my experience so fun & very comfortable! She was extremely helpful, from beginning to end. She’s truly talented. & I want everyone I know to experience her magic!”

Stefanee is hands down amazing!

— B

"Is fun to work with, captures raw moments and delivers beautiful pictures? Stop looking, you’ve found her. Stef is amazing to work with. She 100% understands the assignment and is flexible enough to make sure that you feel comfortable and that you’re getting what you’re looking for. She truly works with you to make sure the outcome is exactly (and more) than expected. Stop reading and just book already! She’s the best!”

Trying to find a good photographer that has an artistic eye?

— L

"We went as a group of five girlfriends and literally laughed and smiled from the moment we entered Stefanee's studio. The hair, makeup, outfits, beauty team, location, and then of course THE PHOTOS were perfect!"

I cannot recommend Stefanee enough!

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